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Alfresco Screens

Add a touch of style to your outdoor area with our Alfresco Screens in Melbourne

Alfresco screens are the premier option for enclosing your grand outdoor patio or verandah, and protecting it from extreme weather. Our alfresco screens in Melbourne will provide all of this, whilst showcasing an intricate attention to detail and aesthetic beauty, that has made Shayona a household name.

Alfresco screens offer a level of convenience that some other outdoor blinds cannot. Due to their ease of use and effective control of the atmosphere of your outdoor areas. Great for verandahs, alfresco screens are unique in their shrouding of the area from extreme heat, wind and rain, as well as their durability and reliability.

Stay comfortable in all temperatures

Perhaps the best quality of alfresco fly screens, however, is their ability to offer privacy, whilst providing those within with vision of the outdoor scenery. The mesh composition of alfresco screens, are also effective in trapping the temperature of the area inside the screens. They give comfort to those behind the blinds during those hot summer months, or those cold winter days.

Alfresco Privacy Screens Perfect for Commercial Use

Due the excellent levels of comfort they can provide customers, and the attractive look they provide a building, Alfresco privacy screens are perfect for commercial use. Frequently seen adorning the front of restaurants and cafés, alfresco screens are also highly customisable to include features, such as the brand image, name and other associated advertising imagery of a business.

Motorised, for even easier functionality

Thanks to the refinement of the zipscreen – a popular accessory associated with alfresco fly screens – alfresco screens can now be easily motorised, offering added convenience for a wide variety of uses. Because of their ability to cover large areas, the added feature of being motorised means that there is no manual work to be done.

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