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Embrace Elegance with Our Alfresco Screens in Melbourne

Alfresco screens are the preferred option for enclosing your grand outdoor patio and protecting it from extreme weather. Our alfresco screens in Melbourne will provide all of this while showcasing our attention to detail, making Shayona Blinds a trusted name. Have a look at our alfresco privacy screens today!

Alfresco screens offer a level of convenience that some other outdoor blinds cannot, as they are easy to use. They are useful in shrouding the area from extreme heat, wind, and rain, as well as being durable and reliable. That’s why we take pride in offering our services Australia-wide and providing the outdoor screens Melbourne deserves.

Stay Comfortable in All Temperatures

Perhaps the best quality of alfresco fly screens is their ability to offer privacy. The mesh composition of alfresco screens is also effective in trapping the temperature of the area inside the screens. They provide comfort during those hot summer months or those cold winter days.

Our commitment to customisation means that each installation is exactly according to your precise measurements, temperature variations, comfort, and requirements. We‌ guarantee a secure and seamless fit. When you choose Shayona, you can trust that every component of your new outdoor screen installation is of the HIGHEST quality.

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Alfresco Privacy Screens

Alfresco Privacy Screens Perfect for Commercial Use

Alfresco privacy screens are perfect for commercial use. Frequently seen adorning the front of restaurants and cafés, alfresco screens are also highly customisable to include features such as the logo, brand name, and other associated advertising imagery of a business. Our alfresco fly screens are so popular among office-use that they’re everyone's TOP choice.

Whether you're seeking to add an extra layer of privacy to your home, create a secluded entertaining area, or simply shield your space from the harsh rays of the sun, Shayona's alfresco screens in Melbourne, Brisbane, and surrounding suburbs in Australia have you covered!

Motorised, Easy-to-Use Functionality

Thanks to the refinement of the zip screen, a popular accessory associated with alfresco fly screens, alfresco screens can now be easily motorised, offering added convenience for a wide variety of uses. This added feature of being motorised means that there is no manual work to be done.

In addition, our vast array of fabrics, tones, textures, hardware, and finishes is sure to leave you spoiled for choice. Within this expanse, you can discover the perfect fit to meet your unique needs. We stand firmly behind our commitment to customer satisfaction, backed by our impeccable fit guarantee.

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