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Affordable, Sleek Awnings

Affordable, Sleek Awnings in Melbourne

Shayona Blinds is synonymous with attractive and practical outdoor awnings in Melbourne. We have provided hundreds of households and businesses across the city with their own unique arm awning arrangement, allowing them to enjoy the atmosphere of the great outdoors with added protection from the sun and rain.

We take pride in being a premier provider of top-tier awnings, including outdoor and retractable awnings. Our dedicated specialists offer a range of custom awnings, retractable awnings, external awnings, motorised awnings, patio awnings, and even folding arm awnings, along with external sun blinds, canopies, outdoor sunroofs, and more.

More Reliable Than Ever Before

Retractable awnings and auto sun blinds were once a very common sight as you travelled around Melbourne, with their superior sun-blocking quality and removable function. Awnings have now made a comeback, and are once again available in the brilliant colours and patterns that made them originally famous.

The reason for the recent rise in the popularity of awnings is due to the improved manufacturing processes involved, making awnings easier to use than they used to be, as well as more long lasting. Our outdoor awnings are literally the BEST. Have a look at our external awnings that Melbourne loves!

More Reliable Than Ever Before
Making a Statement About Your Personality

Making a Statement About Your Personality

Awnings, in particular Dutch hood awnings, are most renowned for their incredible variety of colours and patterns, with their large span accommodating intricate patterns very easily. Dutch blinds are the more attractive of these, with an aesthetically pleasing hood shape, as well as their symbolic nature of adorning famous shop fronts throughout the world, all contributing to making them a great choice for the keen decorator.

The awnings we make reflect the same attention to detail that we dedicate to all of our other blinds. So, if you are looking for motorised or just regular outdoor awnings in Melbourne, Brisbane, or the surrounding suburbs, Australia-wide, then Shayona Blinds is here for you!

Awnings That are Great for Restaurants and Cafes!

Awnings can provide your outdoor dining area with the shade and shelter it needs to keep your patrons coming back, time and time again. Offering your customers a tranquil and protected atmosphere for them to enjoy your services. They can also be motorised, providing you with the added convenience of being able to provide your patrons shelter during the rain.

Lastly, as the experts in retractable awnings, we're all about making your outdoor areas usable all year round, whether it's rain or shine. Our external awnings give your windows, glass roofs, pergolas, balconies, skylights, and walkways a style makeover and a big helping of comfort. Shayona Blinds is your go-to destination for all your outdoor draping requirements!

Awnings That are Great for Restaurants and Cafes!

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