Plantation shutters, Curtains and Outdoor Blinds in Doreen

Custom Curtains and Blinds in Doreen

Creating the right look for your room can be easier that you think, simply by choosing the right blinds and window furnishings. At Shayona Blinds, we provide expert advice to our clients in Doreen, on which window furnishing will suit them best. With our years of experience in the industry, we offer our clients with a wide range of window coverings or blinds.

When you choose to install your blinds or window furnishings with us, you will be amazed by the huge range that we have to offer. They come in different shades and fabrics and can be customised to suit your budget or taste.

We offer free advice and on-site visits to our clients to ensure high customer satisfaction always.

Roller Blinds in Doreen

If you are wishing to block out the sun’s glare and UV rays, or enjoy complete privacy, you can choose to install roller blinds. Our range of roller blinds are specially made to fit your window closely, to minimise the waste in fabric usage. By installing your roller blinds with us, you get to pick from a wide range of fabrics such as translucent, sunscreen, standard or block out . Our roller blinds are easy to use and are highly durable.

Roman Blinds in Doreen

Whether you are looking to achieve a contemporary or traditional look for your space, Roman blinds are the perfect choice for you. Choose to install flat Roman shades for a modern theme, or a teardrop or looped style blind for a classic look. Explore our wide range of Roman blinds today.

Venetian Blinds in Doreen

When you install Venetian blinds in your room, you create an elegant and classic feel to your window and room. When you install Venetian blinds with us, you get to choose from blinds from materials like aluminium, timber and PVC. Venetian blinds are easy to maintain and will suit any home or business perfectly.

Vertical Blinds in Doreen

With Vertical blinds, windows of differing sizes can now be turned into elegant statement pieces. They also help to block out unwanted UV rays and allow you to have full access to the outdoors.

Outdoor Blinds in Doreen

Whether rain or sunshine, outdoor blinds are made to suit any occasion. They help to shield you away from the sun, harmful rays, rain and strong breeze. They also help to maintain your privacy so that you can make your outdoor space completely yours! Install outdoor blinds with us and choose from a wide variety of blinds that can suit any outdoor setting.

Plantation Shutters in Doreen

Transform your home or business with elegance and style with quality Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters are a great window furnishings option and can be used for a variety of rooms and home décor. They are produced from high quality PVC or timber and are guaranteed to last. They can be specially made to fit any window shape and size, and can filter the light that enters your room effectively while maintaining privacy.

Security Doors in Doreen

When you install a security door with us, you get to choose from a wide variety of colours that can provide you both safety and source of natural light in your home. We provide high quality security doors that have been taken to the test. Besides this, they are also durable, offering you safety and peace of mind.

Curtains in Doreen

Installing curtains in rooms has always been popular. Besides serving as a statement piece, they block away direct sunlight while maintaining privacy and a relaxing feel to the room. When you choose to install curtains with us, you get to choose from a wide range or curtain styles and fabrics to match your taste.

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