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Shayona Blinds is a leading outdoor roller shutters manufacturer and installer in Melbourne with offices in Albury (NSW), Coopers Plains (Queensland) and Hobart (Tasmania). Our outdoor roller shutters can be fixed in any home or office. With the ability to resist any kind of weather conditions, our wide range of roller shutters in Melbourne will leave you with a worthwhile, long lasting security solution.

Whether it is adding security and blocking the sun, or acting as a dependable remote shutter for your garage, we are the experts when it comes to roller shutters. We can provide your home or business with attractive and secure shutters, giving you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected, while maintaining privacy.

Privacy and Security Guaranteed

We specialise in installing secure roller shutters for businesses at an affordable price. They are easy to wind up or down, providing you with convenience and security. With a large range of colours that powder coated aluminium shutters are now available in, you can also add style and brightness to your business.


Made To Your Specifications

We manufacture many different types of roller shutters Melbourne and can even find custom made roller shutters as per your requirement, such as:

  • Manual Roller Shutters: Manual shutters are popular and cost-effective. They require you to manually draw them open and close.¬†
  • Automatic Roller Shutters: Automatic shutters are convenient, letting you draw blinds with the press of a button.
  • Built In Roller Shutters: Built-in Roller Shutters are built into the frame with all the components well hidden. When drawn open, they disappear completely.

Noise and Light Control

Roller Shutters give you control over both noise and light entering your home. Roller shutters have been shown to block out between 50%-80% of noise from outside! They also prevent noise from within the house from disturbing neighbours. The ability to control what height the roller shutters stop at gives you control of the amount of light coming through. Additionally, many roller shutters have perforated slats. When not completely lowered, this allows light to pass through. Want to completely block out the light? Lower the shutters completely and the slats lock into place covering the perforations.


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