Ziptrak Blinds Melbourne

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Ziptrak® Blinds For Turning Indoor & Outdoor Spaces into One!

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds immediately create a brand NEW space in your home, so that you are always ready to entertain family and friends at a moment's notice! Our extensive range of fabrics, materials, styles, and designs presents a spectrum of choices that will leave you spoiled for selection.

What's more? Well, you can count on the fact that we deliver nothing but the BEST quality products on the market. In addition, we take pride in providing Ziptrak outdoor blinds Melbourne craves & deserves. So, when you think of buying Ziptrak PVC blinds, think of Shayona Blinds! Check out our updated brochure for more information.

Connect With the Outdoors

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds allow you to control airflow, light, and temperature whilst remaining connected with nature. We understand the value of your investment, which is why we are dedicated to offering Class-A, premium-quality Ziptrak outdoor blinds at competitive prices.

Quality and affordability come together effortlessly with our Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, Brisbane, and the surrounding suburbs Australia-wide. Relax and enjoy comfort by your side in your own private retreat.

  • Trusted solution for outdoor protection
  • Robust design and materials
  • Australian Owned
  • Versatile installation options

Protection From the Elements

Our sealed blind system protects you, your patio, your outdoor equipment, and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare, & insects.





Insect Barrier, Our Services, and More

Avoid those irritating mosquitoes and dirty flies from bothering you & your guests. Ziptrak® blinds make you spend hours outdoors with fun & protection, without any need for toxic bug-repellant sprays. From the moment you reach out to us for your initial consultation to the final professional installation, we promise a SUPREME level of personal service.

At Shayona Blinds, customer satisfaction is our commitment. Whether it's Ziptrak PVC blinds or just any regular Ziptrak outdoor blinds, our services will be made & customised exactly how you want them to be, matching all your specific requirements & needs.

Easy & Fast Operation

The track-guided system in our blinds is simple + safe to operate—no chains, ropes, or pullies. Using our patented spring-balanced track system, our Ziptrak blinds easily glide up and down. The best part is that you can leave them at any position along the track. Simply release the blind, and it will stay exactly where you desire.

  • Year-round outdoor entertaining
  • Control your environment
  • Privacy for your backyard or balcony
  • Spend less time cleaning


“I was amazed at how easily the blinds glided within the track. I don’t have to spend hours cleaning up leaves and dirt before entertaining anymore. When family drops in, I’ve got an outdoor entertaining space in a matter of seconds, which I can even use during winter!”


Caroline, South Australia

Customer Ratings

Add Another Room to Your Home

Ziptrak® blinds provide a quick, simple, and affordable alternative to renovating. You can just install these blinds, and our non-transparent material acts just like a wall. This makes sure that your privacy remains intact while making it look both sophisticated and modern.

With colour options & variety to match / compliment your already existing space & discrete installation, Ziptrak blinds provide superior functionality, without disturbing your style. Have a look at our Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne at Shayona Blinds and redefine your lifestyle today!

Innovative features

The Ziptrak® outdoor system is constantly enhanced by our dedicated team of Australian engineers. Our patented system offers many features that make the blind easier to use, robust and visually unobtrusive.