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    Blinds in Burwood

    When you feel it is time to get new blinds and window furnishings for your home or business premise in Burwood, come to us. Our team of experts at Shayona Blinds have been in the industry for years. We offer our customer the best range of window coverings or blinds to suit their needs.

    By installing your window furnishings with us, you get to choose from a wide variety of window covering and blinds options. Our products are made in different shades and fabrics. They are specially made for you according to your budget and measurements.

    In addition, we also provide you with free advice and on-site visitation just to ensure that you get the best services and customer satisfaction from us.

    Roller Blinds in Burwood

    To block out the sun’s glare and UV rays, or to enjoy complete privacy in your rooms, install roller blinds. Our team will specially produce roller blinds that can closely fit your window to ensure that we only use minimal fabric. You also get to choose from a large variety of fabric options such as translucent fabrics, sunscreen fabrics, standard fabrics or block out fabrics. All of our range is easy to use and long lasting.

    Roman Blinds in Burwood

    When you are looking to choose blinds that never go out of date, consider getting Roman blinds. If you want a trendy contemporary feel, get flat Roman shades. But if you want the more conservative traditional look, then get a teardrop or looped style blind. Our range comes in different styles. Whether you would like a feminine or masculine themed window style or any other style at all, we will surely have a suitable one for you here.

    Venetian Blinds in Burwood

    Create a sense of elegance for your window while achieving total control over the light and privacy you will have in your room when you install Venetian blinds. Our range requires minimal maintenance and looks charming in any home or office. When you install your Venetian blinds with us, you get to choose a range of materials including as aluminium, timber and PVC.

    Vertical Blinds in Burwood

    Your tall windows can look more elegant and your smaller windows can look bigger than you can imagine with Vertical blinds. Besides being amazed with these transformations, Vertical blinds will also help you to block out unwanted UV rays while still giving you the ability to have a full view of your outdoors.

    Outdoor Blinds in Burwood

    Utilise your outdoor spaces to its fullest potential thanks to outdoor blinds! When you install your outdoor blinds with us, you get to choose from a wide variety of outdoor blinds options that can withstand strong wind while protecting you from unwanted sun, harmful UV rays and rain. Besides all this, you also get to control the level of privacy you want, letting you mark your territory with pride!

    Plantation Shutters in Burwood

    Give new life to a room with our beautiful Plantation shutters, with a guarantee of quality and workmanship. Plantations are the best when it comes to versatility quality, style and functionality. They are made from specially sourced PVC or timber for only the highest . They are easy to maintain and can last for years. Our range can be custom made to fit any window shape and size. Plantation shutters work best in filtering light and ensuring better room privacy.

    Security Doors in Burwood

    It has become a very common thing to install a security door in a home simply because of the high rise in crime rates in recent times. When you choose to install a security door with us, we can assure that you will get the best quality security door that is able to withstand strong forces. All our security doors have been put to the test to ensure that you get to enjoy safety and peace of mind while still being able to let natural light into your home. Our security doors are made to last and are highly durable.

    Curtains in Burwood

    Curtains have become important centrepiece in many homes. They not only help you to block away direct sunlight from entering your homes, but they also enable you to get the privacy and soothing effect you want in your room. When you install your curtains with us, you get to choose from our large variety of curtain style options that are made from different fabrics. Whatever type of theme you are hoping to achieve with your curtains, we are positive that we have the right ones here for you!