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    Plantation Shutters

    High-Quality, Custom-Made Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

    We custom make and install an extensive range of plantation shutters in Melbourne. With numerous styles and colours to choose from, we offer a superior service unlike any other.

    The plantation shutter has seen a resurgence in popularity within the last decade and a half. They are also very affordable, and can be easily worked in with any interior design for the home or office.

    Due to their popularity with businesses, we also provide shutters that are specific to your brand and colours. This makes them a great way to extend your brand all the way to your windows. Our shutters hold up to strict energy compliance regulations, offering your interior essential insulation and protection from the extremes of the Australian climate.

    Plantation Shutters are a great way to insulate your interior, keeping your energy bills to a minimum!

    Many colours and designs available for plantation shutters in Melbourne

    Plantation Shutters come in a large range of colours, styles and materials, and are perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors. They are great for highlighting certain parts of the room, allowing you to create your own interior centrepiece. They also look fantastic from the outside. They can also perfectly complement more bolder wall colours, offering you more variety with your home decoration.

    What kinds of plantation shutters do we specialise in?

    Affordable Plantation Shutters for Your Business in Melbourne

    The style of plantation shutters is very popular with small businesses and companies, offering them a way to catch the eye of potential customers. We have fitted hundreds of companies with brilliant shutters that have given them a fresh image.

    Our team will consult with you directly to determine what kind of shutter would best suit your needs. They also trap heat and keep out the harsh Australian summer sun, providing a valuable way to keep the interior temperature comfortable.

    Give us a call for a Free Quote!

    We offer a free, in-house measure and quote, ensuring your shutters are purposely built and suited for your needs and requirements. Contact us today on 1300 162 223 or use our online quote form, and see what we can do for you.