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    Indoor Blinds, Curtains and Plantation Shutters Albury

    Blinds in Albury

    There are many ways you can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home that won’t break the bank. New blinds, curtains and window furnishings not only add much-needed protection from harsh UV rays but also add value to your home. With help from the team here at Shayona Blinds in Albury, we’ll help you find the right furnishing for your home.

    As an industry leader in curtains and blinds, our team measure, fit and customise your new shades for your home or business. With a wide selection of styles and fabrics to choose from, you are spoilt for choice with Shayona Blinds. Get in touch with us today by calling 1300 162 223.

    Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds are some of the most sought-after indoor blinds on the market. With a stylish look, these blinds block out harmful UV rays from entering your home whilst adding to the aesthetics of any room. We customise our Roman Blinds to match your home décor, with a great selection of fabrics to choose from.

    Roller Blinds Albury

    Our range of Roller blinds is a great way to protect any room in your home from the searing sunlight and heat. Ideal for both commercial and residential properties, our roller blinds are manufactured here at our warehouse. These cost-effective blinds not only look good, but they are also versatile to suit any interior.

    Venetian Blinds

    You won’t regret getting Venetian blinds for your home or office thanks to Shayona Blinds. Available in a range of range metals and timber, Venetian blinds are known for their versatility and design. Ideal for both small and large windows, our Venetian blinds are the perfect furnishing for any building.

    Panel Glide Blinds

    If you are looking for a cost-effective way to keep the temperature of your home or office controlled, look no further than Panel Glide blinds. Available in both vertical and horizontal, our Panel Glide blinds come in both fabric and mesh materials, which are easy to install. Making them an affordable investment for the home or office.

    Motorised Blinds Albury

    As the name suggests our motorised blinds are operational with both a remote control and self-operating programmer. Manufactured to fit any window type, our motorised blinds offer protection and security to your home.

    Commercial Blinds Albury

    No two commercial spaces are the same, which is why you want to be sure your new commercial blinds will complement your space. Designed for both style and functionality, our collection of commercial blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering a room. Available in a range of styles and sizes, add your unique look to any space.

    Curtains in Albury

    Curtains have long been a favourite in homes since they were first manufactured. Here at Shayona Blinds, our collection of curtains is available in a range of styles and fabrics that will complement any room. Our team will professionally install your curtains allows you to block out harsh sunlight and ensure privacy indoors.

    Alfresco Screens Albury

    With entertaining from home more popular than ever, keeping your outdoor veranda or patio protected from ultraviolet rays is a must. Our range of alfresco screens are made from quality mesh, which helps control the temperature of your space as well as privacy. Ideal for commercial and residential settings, our alfresco screens can be motorised for added convenience.

    Awnings in Albury

    Awnings are a common sight around outdoor dining for restaurants and cafes thanks to their ability to block out harsh weather. However, awnings are not just for eateries, with many homeowners opting for these shades. The most popular type is the Dutch hood awnings as they offer serious visual appeal outdoors because of their large span. Available in an array of colours and patterns, keep your customers coming back for more outdoor dining with new awnings.

    Roller Shutters Albury

    One of the best ways to protect your home or business is to install quality roller shutters. Offering protection from both harsh weather and intruders, our range of roller shutters are specifically manufactured to meet your property’s needs. Ideal for both insulation and privacy, our roller shutters are durable in both styles and safeguard any property.

    Aluminium Shutters Albury

    Strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing aluminium shutters are a great way to increase the overall look of your home. Perfect for the outdoors, our catalogue of aluminium shutters can withstand the harsh outdoor climate. Functional and durable, these shutters are ideal for any outdoor setting.

    Plantation Shutters Albury

    A popular choice of the shutter, plantation shutters are an affordable and stylish solution for your home. Available in PVC and timber, our plantation shutters offer significant protection from harsh sunlight entering through windows. With a timeless look, our collection of plantation shutters can be customised to meet your windows specifications.

    Shayona Blinds in Albury has the largest selection of indoor and outdoor blinds throughout the region. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us today on 1300 162 223.